Google Apps Accessibility Guidelines

Google Apps are increasingly being used on campus in a multitude of ways, from academics to staff meetings. Because of the ease of publishing content from Google Apps to the Web and sharing it with others, care must be taken to ensure that all people are able to fully participate in online university activities. There are a number of accessibility problems with Google Apps. These guidelines will help you understand what needs to be considered when using Google Apps in various contexts.

Please note that these guidelines in no way inhibit you from using Google Apps @ NC State for your own personal work. The limitations and considerations begin when you share your content with others.

Questions about accessibility and the use of Google Apps should be directed to Greg Kraus, University IT Accessibility Coordinator, at

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About Greg Kraus

I am the University IT Accessibility Coordinator at North Carolina State University. I provide leadership in creating an accessible IT infrastructure by consult on the accessibility of campus projects, working with developers and content creators, provide training, and helping set policy.