Mediasite presentations are accessible, as long as captions are provided.

Accessibility Problems

There are no major accessibility problems, except keyboard-only access is limited in Firefox.

Accessibility Features

The media player is accessible. Additionally, you can include captions with your videos.


Mediasite is a recommended solution for NC State for providing accessible video delivery.

Tips for End Users

Screen reader user will want to use the alternative layout which is activated by pressing control-z.

There are some older recordings that still use Mediasite’s older player which has accessibility problems. If you encounter accessibility problems with a presentation and think it might be due to an older player contact

Testing details

Last Tested: August 8, 2013

Version: Windows 6.1.9

Assistive Technologies Tested: keyboard-only, JAWS 14, NVDA 2013.1.1, VoiceOver (10.8.4)

Aspects Tested: The media player Mediasite uses to display recordings was tested. The user interface for creating and managing presentations within Mediasite has not been tested.