SortSite Quick Start

SortSite Quick Start Guide

  1. Login to SortSite from the homepage.
  2. In SortSite, go to the Scans page and select “New Scan.”
  3. Type the address of the site, folder, or page you would like to evaluate in the Start Page area.
  4. Select how much you want to check:
    1. Entire site: This will check every page in a site, plus all sub-domains of the site
    2. Folder: This checks all pages within a given folder of a site.  For example, if I start at it will eventually check because it is linked to from the start page.  However, if I start at, it will not check because it it outside of the folder.
    3. Page Only: This checks a single page for errors, but does not check for broken links or errors on pages linked to from this page
    4. Page and Links: This checks a single page for errors, plus if there are any broken links on that page.
  5. Next, choose the rules you would like use in the scan:
    1. For accessibility testing, choose
      1. Guidelines: WCAG 2
      2. up to priority: AA
      3. Note: We encourage you to check for priority AAA, which makes a site even more accessible, but AA is the new Federal standard.
    2. Other recommended rules – check the following:
      1. Errors
      2. Compatibility
      3. Standards
        1. Valid HTML and XHTML
        2. Check for deprecated features
  6. Click the “Save” button.
  7. Note that it will take anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour to run the scan.  When the scan is done, click on the date of the last scan to view the report.

Understanding the Results

SortSite will produce a wealth of information.  You will discover that some of the results are false positives, meaning there really is no error on the page.  An example of this is SortSite will always check that you have a “skip navigation” or “skip to content” link.  If you have a page that does not have any navigation you will still receive an error on this page.  This is part of the nature of automated accessibility testing tools.

While eliminating all of the reported errors is a great goal, because of the nature of the false positives it might not be possible to do that.  If you have a question about a particular result, please visit the SortSite Support Forum, or  contact the University IT Accessibility Coordinator.

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