Heading are a crucial component to a document.  They define the document structure.  Many assistive technology users utilize headings to navigate a document.

Creating Headings

  • Making text bolder and larger is not the same as creating headings — always use built-in heading styles.
  • Use the heading tool provided by an application to create headings

Headings Hierarchy

  • Heading styles should follow a hierarchy:
    • Heading 1 is usually the document title or main content heading. It is the most important heading, and typically, there should be just one.
    • Heading 2 is usually a major section heading.
    • Heading 3 is usually a subsection of a Heading 2.
    • Heading 4 is usually a subsection of a Heading 3.
    • And so on, ending with Heading 6.


  • Heading 1
    • Heading 2
    • Heading 2
      • Heading 3
        • Heading 4