For Faculty and Staff

Creating an accessible campus community is a responsibility of all faculty and staff at the university. The IT Accessibility Office seeks to provide effective resources to support faculty and staff at the university.

IT Accessibility Quick Guide

The IT Accessibility Quick Guide is designed to provide a high-level understanding of how to use different types of campus technologies, including Moodle and Google, accessibly. The guide also provides suggestions for instructional resources, such as PowerPoint and videos. For more detailed information follow the links in the guide for each technology.

Quick Course Content Checklist

The Quick Course Content Checklist provides a list of simple techniques you can use to make your course content more accessible.

Accessibility in the Classroom

The Accessibility in the Classroom Course is six-week self-paced online course is available to all faculty and staff within the University of North Carolina (UNC) System for free. The course provides an introduction to digital accessibility and offers multiple practical methods for incorporating accessibility into face-to-face, hybrid online and online classrooms.

Captioning Grant

The Captioning Grant provides funds to support captioning of instructional videos in curriculum courses. Grants for pro-active captioning are awarded at the beginning of the fall semester, and a call for applications will be announced near the end of the spring semester. Grants for captioning to support accommodations are awarded throughout the year; please submit applications as soon as you know that you will need to caption videos in your course.

Document Remediation Vendor Convenience Contract

The NC State Document Remediation Vendor Convenience Contract is a pre-negotiated convenience contract for hiring vendors to remediate inaccessible documents.

Accessible Document Considerations FAQs and Decision Tree

If you are having trouble trying to decide which accessible format to create your document in, refer to the Accessible Document Considerations and the Accessible Document Decision Tree.

Accommodations for Students

The Disability Services Office provides guidelines for Accommodating Students.

Instructional Course Design

Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) offers a variety of instructional technology and course design tools, training and consultations for faculty.