All IT purchased, or otherwise acquired, by the University must be accessible.

Accessibility Reviews for Procurement

  • Purchases over $5,000
    Must be submitted through the IT Purchase Compliance process, which initiates accessibility and other necessary product reviews.
  • Purchases under $5,000 and free-to-use products
    Should consider accessibility in the selection process.

If you would like to consult with the IT Accessibility Coordinator during the selection process, email

What You Can Do

Processing Time

  • An IT Purchase Compliance request submitted for review with accessibility information is usually processed within five to seven business days, unless vendors or IT Accessibility testing require additional time. 
  • An IT Purchase Compliance request submitted without accessibility information may be delayed, as additional information will be needed in order to perform the review. 
  • Standard hardware and software used by one or two people usually pass through the process quickly.


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