Accessibility Scanner

Pope Tech (formerly Dinolytics) is an automated web accessibility scanning tool that is built off of the WAVE tool by WebAIM.  

NOTE: Automated web accessibility scanners cannot pick up on every accessibility barrier on your site.  Many barriers require manual testing to identify. 

Request access

Pope Tech is available to teams on campus.  To acquire a team account, send the following information to

  • Primary Contact Name
  • Primary Contact Email
  • User Account Email (if different from Primary Contact Email)
  • Team/Group Name

Step 1: Crawl Your Website

  1. Click Website from the Main Navigation Menu
  2. Select Create New Website
  3. Add your base URL (i.e. and give it a name (i.e. Accessibility)
  4. Assign your website to your group (i.e. OIT) and click SAVE
    1. NOTE: For now, use the default options for the Crawler and Scanner Options.  
  5. To confirm that your website has been added.  Once again navigate to the Websites page.

Step 2: Add Pages to your website

  1. Click Crawl
  2. Then click Start
  3. You can monitor progress in the Scan and Crawls window in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  4. NOTE: You will need to click the Refresh button to see the most up-to-date status.  Once the status is Success, then you know that your crawl is completed.

Step 3: Scan Pages

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Accessibility, then click Scan
  2. Select the Website or Group you want to Scan
  3. Click Scan
  4. The scan is now in the que
  5. Once your scan is complete, select Dashboard in the left-hand navigation menu to see your scan results