Web Evaluation Tools Bookmarklet

This set of tools allows you to check for several aspects of Web accessibility that other tools do not. It is not designed to replace any other tools, but rather to supplement them. This set of tools will allow you to:

  • View page headings, including hidden label text
  • View ARIA Landmarks, plus any accompanying aria-label or aria-labelledby text
  • View internal links, both their source and their target
    • If the target link does not have an explicit tabindex value set, an asterisk will appear next to the link count and the target link will indicate it as well
  • View any tabindex values
  • View any ARIA roles (other than landmarks) and ARIA attributes
  • Force the visual keyboard focus to always be seen (useful for keyboard testing)
  • View any language attributes and what parts of the page they apply to

How to Use the Tool

  1. To get the tool, add the following link to your bookmarks: Web Evaluation Tools
    1. Note, you cannot simply click the above link to make the tool work. You must add the link to your bookmarks by either dragging it to your bookmarks menu or using your browser’s context menu to add it to the bookmarks menu.
  2. When you are viewing a Web page, you can activate the tool by clicking the link in your bookmark menu.
  3. The tool will tell you how many headings, ARIA landmarks, tabindex attributes, internal links, ARIA roles, ARIA attributes, and language attributes there are on a page.
  4. Checking the checkbox next to any of these items will visually show you where these items are located on the page.
  5. Unchecking the checkbox will remove the visual cues from the page.
  6. Clicking on the bookmarklet a second time will remove the tool from the current page.
  7. Note, every time you activate this bookmarklet, the latest version of the code will be loaded, so you will not have to update this bookmarklet in the future.

This tool is no longer supported.