WordPress provides an infrastructure which greatly assists in creating accessible blogs and/or Web sites.

Accessibility Problems

As with any technology, WordPress can be implemented in both inaccessible and accessible ways. Be sure to use standard best practices for creating Web pages.

Accessibility Features

WordPress provides a framework that automatically creates headings and provides keyboard navigation. Additionally you can easily add alternative text for images. NC State provides accessible themes to assist in using accessible color palettes.


Use best practices such as the following when authoring content.

  • Use headings to denote sections of your posts and pages. Generally, heading level 2 is the highest leve you should use since heading level 1 is used by the blog or page title.
  • Add alternative text for images when adding them to posts and pages. If you do not explicitly set the alternative text it will default to the name of the file which is usually not helpful.
  • Use other best practices for creating other HTML elements like tables and forms.

NC State provides a WordPress environment for deploying accessible blogs and sites.