Moodle Plug-Ins


H5P is a community-driven project designed to allow anyone to easily create rich, interactive and reusable educational content using HTML5.  Currently not all H5P content types are accessible. H5P’s Content Type Accessibility web page provides a list of their current content types that they have tested for accessibility.  


PlayPosit is an online program designed to create interactive video lessons.  The PlayPosit 3.0 Player has been evaluated for accessibility.  Their Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is available on the PlayPosit Accessibility web page.

Although PlayPosit itself is accessible, there are some accessibility considerations that faculty must take into account when creating PlayPosit content:

  • Caption videos and provide a transcript.
  • As there is currently not a way to let individual users request more time for questions, unless necessary, do use time limits on questions.


TurnItIn is an online plagiarism detection service.  Updated information about the accessibility of TurnItIn, their accessibility commitment, roadmap and their updated Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) is available on TurnItIn’s Accessibility web page.  Currently, there are some elements of this program that are not accessible to some users including, but not limited to: on-paper marks made by an instructor and voice comments.

Because of this, you may have students with disabilities that are unable to use all features of this program.  If that is the case please be prepared to provide an alternative way to accommodate your students.  This may include:

  • Providing digital or in-person feedback outside of TurnItIn.
  • Not using voice comments.
  • Allowing students alternative ways to submit their work and to do peer reviews.


Piazza is a class forum management tool.  Information about their accessibility commitment, their partnership with the essentialAccessibility app and how to enable the accessible version of Piazza are available on the Piazza Supports Accessibility web page.