Survey Tools

Google Forms

Google forms are a good accessible option for simple forms.  Some standard screen reader keyboard shortcuts do not work with Google forms,because of this, Google provides a list of applicable Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts.


Many qualtrics question types are accessible, but there are some that are not.  Inaccessible question types have been disabled for use at NC State University.

Use the Qualtrics Check Survey Accessibility feature before sending your survey.  This tool will check for inaccessible question types and will provide accessibility recommendations.

When creating questions in Qualtrics, please incorporate the following:

  • Add alt text to images.
  • Make sure that your questions are numbered.
  • Change the default survey navigation buttons to text such as “next” and “previous”.
  • Give each survey a meaningful survey title.
  • Include an H1 (heading level 1) header in your Look & Feel.