These tutorials are designed to show you how to make each of the respective technologies accessible to people with disabilities. When designing for accessibility it is best to design to a specific standard rather than design to a specific disability. When you design to a specific disability, you will often exclude others. Most importantly, it is much easier to make an electronic resource accessible when accessibility and good design practices are considered from the beginning, not as a last step or an afterthought.

Faculty who need assistance in determining if their electronic course content is accessible should contact accessibility@ncsu.edu.

For a synopsis of how to create accessible content, read our IT Accessibility Quick Guide.


Web Development

Software Applications

  • <ahref=”https: accessibility.oit.ncsu.edu=”” profiles=”” camtasia-studio.php”=””>Camtasia
  • Livescribe

Campus Systems

Video Tutorials

View a brief video tutorial from our growing video library. These topics include many aspects of IT Accessibility.