Choosing a Captioning Company

The captioning company that you use to create captions for your videos will depend on the types of videos that you use in your courses.  See specific instructions below based on the type of videos that you use.


If you use Mediasite through DELTA, use Automatic Sync or 3PlayMedia. Make sure to mention the convenience contract number with your order.  After you setup your account through the company, provide your username and password to the Mediasite team at so that they can set up a captioning profile for your videos.


If you host videos that you have created on Youtube, you may use a number of different captioning companies.  If the total cost is over $5000, you can use one of the vendors on our Convenience Contract. If the total cost is less than $5000, you can use any provider you want, pursuant to University regulations, but you can also use those on the Convenience Contract.  If you use these companies, Make sure to mention the convenience contract number with your order. is another popular option for captioning your videos hosted in YouTube because it is less expensive and syncs with your YouTube account.

Other Online Hosting Solutions

If you are using online hosting solution, other than Mediasite or YouTube, first make sure the video player provided is keyboard accessible to students.  If so, follow the instructions for YouTube.

Online Videos that You Do Not Own

Captioning videos that you do not own can be more complicated.  It is best practice to first check to see if there is a version of the video that has captions on another platform and/or contact the company that owns the videos and ask them to provide captions.  Surprisingly, many companies will provide the captions if you request them for educational reasons.

If neither of these options work, you should use Amara On Demand to caption these videos.  Amara On Demand will create a video overlay with captions, and you can provide a URL that contains the video and overlay to your students. Note: There may be copyright issues that limit your ability to caption this media.


If your video is on an older DVD or VHS tape that does not include captions, you may use Automatic Sync or 3PlayMedia, which are both vendors on our Convenience Contract.  If you use these companies, make sure to mention the convenience contract number with your order.
You might also consider contacting the Digital Media Production team in the NC State library for help digitizing your media before requesting captions.