Best Practices

  • Minimize empty rows and columns in between data.
  • Avoid merging cells.
  • Include alternative text for images, graphs, charts, SmartArt, and any other visuals.
  • Use meaningful hyperlink text.
  • Use simple table structure.
  • Utilize the Accessibility Checker to check for common accessibility issues.
  • Delete any tabs that are not used.

Include alternative text for visuals

  1. Right-click on an image.
  2. Choose Format Picture.
  3. In the Format Picture sidebar,

    • Select the Size & Properties icon.
    • Choose Alt Text.
    • In the Description field, enter appropriate alternative text.

Specify column headers for tables

  1. Place the cursor anywhere in the table.
  2. On the Table Tools Design tab,
    in the Table Style Options group,
    mark the Header Row check box.
  3. Type in the column headings.

Give each sheet a meaningful name

  • Right-click on a sheet tab.
  • Select Rename.
  • Insert a concise, meaningful name and press Enter