Creating accessible video involves both creating captions for your video and delivering your video through an accessible interface.


Creating captions for recorded video is a three step process.

  • Create a text transcript of the audio portion of the multimedia. Except for short videos, this is almost always more cost effective to outsource to a specialized company. For a list of transcription services, visit our list of transcription and caption providers.
  • Add time stamps into the transcript to set when each text snippet will display on the screen. This can either be done through a YouTube, or it can be done by contracting through a third party.
  • Incorporate the time stamped transcript back into the multimedia. This process is dependent upon the delivery platform, so there is no one way to describe this process. For assistance with this please contact

Read more about the caption creation process in our Captioning Guide.

The Video Player

The player where users view the video must be accessible as well. Video players vary significantly depending on your overall video production work flow. The following video delivery platforms are accessible, or have options which can make them accessible.