Campus Multimedia Resources

Classroom and lecture capture systems

NC State provides access to Panopto for both classroom capture and recording presentations from your computer.

Video hosting solutions

NC State provides multiple options for hosting and delivering video.


Panopto allows you to record video from your computer or upload already existing video. Video will be played back through the Panopto player.


Using your NC State Google account you can deliver video through YouTube. Access control options are limited in YouTube.


You can upload your video directly to Moodle, however, Moodle is not designed as a high performance media server. Files will play back in the Moodle video player, but depending on the size of the video file the performance will vary. Video will only be available to students enrolled in your course.

Web space

There are a number of options for delivering video from standard Web servers.

Access control will be controlled by whatever your application or page uses for authentication.

Copyright protected video

If you have copyrighted video that you would like to stream online please contact the Libraries’ Collection Management department to see if streaming rights can be acquired.

Incorporating captions in video players


You can add ASR (automatic speech recognition) generated captions to your Panopto sessions.  You can also add human cleaned up captions through one of our captioning vendors to your Panopto sessions.  Contact for assistance.


Follow YouTube’s instructions for adding captions.

Able Player

Follow the instructions for using Able Player.

Video production services

NC State has two professional video production services on campus which provide filming, production, and editing. They also provide production services for live video streaming.

Transcript, Caption, and Live Caption Services

NC State has established a convenience contract for transcript and caption creation and also live captioning services.