NC State 2020 Web Accessibility Challenge Champions

Accessibility Excursion IconNC State University strives to provide a barrier-free IT environment to all, and an accessible website is an essential aspect of this environment. This year, 25 NC State websites participated in the annual NC State Web Accessibility Challenge, which ran from June 29 to July 24.

Sponsored by the IT Accessibility Office, the Web Accessibility Challenge encourages campus website owners and designers to make accessibility improvements to their websites.


Campus Champions (0 Pope Tech Errors)

Category 1 (1-500 pages)

  • Bias Impact – Elizabeth Snively & Jacqueline Perry
  • Quantitative and Computational Developmental Biology – Nicolas Buchler
  • High Performance Computing – Lisa Lowe
  • McKimmon Center – Randy Schiener
  • Procurement – Natalie Dinkins

Category 2 ( 501-1000 pages)

  • Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering – Rebecca Ross

Category 3 (1001+ pages)   

  • Office of Information Technology – Robin McKinney
  • Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost – Richie Leahey

Substantial Decrease in Errors Champions

  • Biological Sciences (98.67% decrease in errors)
  • DELTA (98.59% decrease in errors)
  • Park Scholarships (87.4% decrease in errors)
  • NCSU Libraries (77.09% decrease in errors)
  • Multicultural Student Affairs (69.10% decrease in errors)
  • Women’s Center (65.59% decrease in errors)
  • African American Cultural Center (64.43% decrease in errors)
  • GLBT Center (64.25% decrease in errors)
  • Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (58.8% decrease in errors)

NC School Champions

The NC State IT Accessibility Office is excited to announce the 2020 Web Accessibility Challenge Champion School Awards, which recognizes higher education institutions that make accessibility improvements to their websites.

This is the first year that the Web Accessibility Challenge was open to schools across North Carolina. Participating schools included: Wake Forest University, UNC Asheville, Appalachian State, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, and NC State University.  

Each of these schools continue to show their dedication to create an inclusive and accessible digital environment via their participation in the Web Accessibility Challenge.

School Awards

  • Greatest percent of accessibility errors eliminated (>1000 pages): UNC Asheville
  • Largest number of new sites participating: Appalachian State
  • Most errors eliminated (>1000 pages): North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics 
  • Most improvement of accessibility errors per page (>500 pages): Wake Forest University
  • Most site with 0 accessibility errors: NC State University

Past Champions