Zoom Accessibility

Accessibility Features

Zoom is a web conferencing tool.  The zoom platform offers a variety of accessibility features (detailed on the Zoom Accessibility web page)  including:

  • Ability to add live closed captions (using a 3rd party closed captioning provider)
  • Produce an automated transcript after session has ended
  • Keyboard Accessibility including specific Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Screen Reader support

Accessibility Barriers

For the most part, Zoom is a very accessible product, but the following items are not accessible and should be avoided or supplemented if you have a student that may not be able to use these features in your class due to a disability:

  • If you will be annotating items, please describe verbally what is being annotated
  • Limit whiteboard board use by students if you have keyboard only users or screen reader users
  • When sharing your screen, describe what is on it including slide numbers if a presentation
    • Also, share a link if presenting a web page or an accessible version of the file you are sharing


NC State University: Zoom Enterprise Implementation 2018